Save 30% On Your
Energy Bills With our
Smart Controls

Stay informed and in control of your infrared heating patterns and temperatures around your property – whether you’re in the bedroom or across the world.


Combine the Genius smart control system with our infrared heaters to reduce your property’s energy consumption while keeping you warm. There are so many benefits to the Genius Smart Control System…

Only heat rooms that are in use.

Easily controls rooms with an app

Responds to voice commands via Alexa

Simply schedule the panels to go on and off

Detects external temperatures to optimise heating control

Activates on motion when walking in

Jigsaw infrared wireless thermostat

Watch how quickly your heating bills reduce

Individually control every room with our advanced SMART control system in ways that are simple and cost-effective while keeping you warm.

Watch how your heating bills reduce when combining Genius Hub with Jigsaw infrared panels.

Control every room

Genius controls the heating in each individual room and learns the best schedule helping save on energy bills.

Easily programmed

Simply schedule each room on and off and set them to the right temperature at the time you choose wherever you are.

Optimise heating

Make the most of your heating when combining Genius with infrared and save 30% on your energy bills.