Providing You Relief From Rising Energy Bills.

The UK is facing an energy price crisis with a huge increase in the cost of bills. Join the thousands of homeowners who are switching to Jigsaw’s Solutions today who are no longer worried when the cold weather hits.

Home comfort you can depend on

Total comfort should be more than just a feeling. Our stylish, slimline, lightweight infrared heating panels are a staple piece for your home. Choose from a variety of styles, colours, and wattages to personalise your property and feel cosy in minutes. Your visitors will be amazed!

Feel cosy in up to 10 minutes

British made reassuring long-lasting quality

Save 30% on your energy bills

No ongoing maintenance and service costs

Only heat the rooms that are in use

The panels activate on motion when you walk in

Control on and off wherever you are via an app

Heats you and the objects first and the air secondary

Bathroom mirror heaters by Jigsaw infrared

The Smartest way to heat Your home efficiently

Infrared heating is the future of efficient electric heating. Why? Because 100% of electric energy is used to convert to heat which doesn’t get wasted through the air it will heat all objects first helping you save big on your energy bills. Making it 100% efficient and green.

Let us help you invest in a sustainable product and save a substantial amount on your energy bills compared to other heating systems when you convert to Jigsaw solutions.

Comfotable Warmth

Heats up just like the sun, directly only heating the objects that are needed

Smart Control

Stay informed and in control of your infrared heating in each room for maximum efficiency

10 Year Warranty

We’ve got your back with a 10-year warranty on all our Made in Britain panels.