Did you know our Infrared panels are Made in Britain?

Our Aluminium, Glass, and Mirror range of Jigsaw infrared heating panels are all manufactured in house, here in the heart of Great Britain.

Quality begins on the inside

Quality manufacturing is the key to everything Jigsaw infrared stands for. Based out of our warehouse in Oldbury we only pick the best materials from around the country. Ranging from Scotland, Liverpool, and Birmingham. These are some benefits of manufacturing infrared heating in the UK.

Made to order so they are unique to you

Quality control throughout the process

Individually handmade for precision

Swift delivery straight from the factory by our team

Carefully selected materials for the best value

Cuts our carbon-footprint by not transporting over seas

infrared heaters UK maufacturers Jigsaw Infrared

Leading UK manufacturer of infrared heating

We offer high quality products that can be tailored to your needs. We believe satisfactory is a necessity, not a luxury. To you, that means well made, reliable, sleek, great value heating. A system that is right for you.

Allowing our manufacturers to have full control on not just how they look but it enables us to ensure that we generate the full efficiency of each panel.

Going Green

Our products are green and so is the manufacturing process. From cutting our carbon-footprint with the packaging to the delivery stage.

Shipped Nationwide

The best electric Made in Britain heating shipped nationwide straight to your doorstep.

10 Year Warranty

We’ve got your back with a 10-year warranty on all our Made in Britain panels.