Did you know Infrared is up to 30% more efficient than convection heating?

Isn’t it about time you joined the thousands of home owners saving £££s on their energy bills with Infrared Heating?


Our studies have proven by combining the Genius smart control system with our infrared heaters you could be saving big with 30% more efficiency than convection heating.  There are so many benefits to Infrared Heating….

Up to 10 minutes heat uptime

Made in the heart of Britain

Individually controlled with a smart control system

100% of electric energy is used

4x more efficient than a wet system

Jigsaw infra red panels

Made in Britain with a 10 year warranty

Testing each and every heater to the highest standards to ensure maximum efficiency and security, we are so confident in the quality of our panels that they come with a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Proudly made in Britain and fully certified we ensure quality, reliability, and reassurance on every product.

4 X More Efficient

Occupants will feel the panels in less than 10 minutes. Meaning the heating will be on for less time therefore using less energy.

Smart Control

Control your infrared heating panels from an app with one of our smart control systems.

10 Year Warranty

We’ve got your back with a 10-year warranty on all our Made in Britain panels.