Better Commercial Heating

 Looking for a way to heat a commercial space efficiently? Jigsaw’s whole house solution provides the perfect switch to making any commercial space efficient.


When heating a commercial building where people work or relax it is important to create a comfortable environment. With Jigsaw, heating commercial spaces efficiently while saving you money couldn’t be easier. There are so many benefits to Infrared heating….

Simply control up to 20 rooms from one device

Only heat the rooms that are in use

Save 30% on your energy bills

Heats large buildings like Churches in less time

No ongoing maintenance and service costs

Combine infrared with a hot water system and solar PV

Church heating in Mansfield church

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet

Take full control of your infrared heating in your property. Heat the rooms that you are using at the time and watch the Genius app do the work on those busy days.

Make the most of your large commercial buildings with our high-powered heaters for heating your building more effectively as they are a higher wattage.

Infra-red has the ability to effectively heat people in particular areas of the building without the need to heat every room.

Save a substantial amount on your energy bills compared to other heating systems when you convert to Jigsaw solutions.

Smart Control

Combining our control system with the infrared panels will save you money by regulating the temperature in each room individually

Made in Britain

We proudly manufacture our products here in the UK which results in faster delivery and reassurance on the quality of your products.


Our infrared heating is an easy install process with our simple bracket design. After installing, setting up the control system takes minutes.