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Control Hub


This is the “Brain-box” that stores your requirements for heating.

• Ultra slim
• Precise temperature control
• Compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant
• Rechargeable through micro USB
• 5-year warranty
• Power supply 5 V DC interface USB
• Wireless standard: 2.4 GHz ZigBee
• Programmable- daily, weekly or 5/2
• Operates only with the Hub
• Humidity sensor
• Multifunctional input

Dimensions (mm) L-90 c W-90 x H-55.5
mounting height <2m

The Hub is the ‘brains’ of the control system connecting up to 100 devices to only one app. Schedule your infrared heating to turn on when and where you want it to within a 30m range.

Unlike most smart control systems, the hub is the only device that needs to be connected to the internet meaning that setup is quick and easy to manage. However, if your Wifi does go down for any reason the Hub will connect locally to your internet and still work. Therefore, you don’t need to rely on the Wifi to keep yourself cosy during cold nights.

When all devices are connected to the smart home app you will be able to program each device all in the same place for a complete, seamless smart home experience. You can create and monitor schedules and take advantage of countless features that help make your home smarter and more energy efficient.

How it works

You will have one relay per Jigsaw infrared heater which reports back to one Hub (per 100 devices) wirelessly to be able to monitor your infrared heaters from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. The relay is designed to turn the infrared heaters on and off but doesn’t have any temperature monitoring. Therefore, you will need a thermostat for each room to be able to choose the desired temperature. One thermostat can control multiple infrared heaters (relays). Allowing you to select exactly when you want your heat turned on, as well as what the temperature should be at higher or lower temperatures. It will heat the rooms that you need when you need them. Allowing you to dictate when your home heating system comes on, wherever you like, using our zone control. Any other Smart Control add-ons that we offer like a smart motion sensor will also play additional factors in reducing your energy bills even further.

Control scenario set-ups are unique to the properties’ needs but could include:

•Turning your heating off five minutes after the front door has shut.

•Turning down the thermostat if the windows are left open for more than 10 minutes.

•Turning the thermostat on in the living room 20 minutes before arriving home

•Schedule sunset and sunrise options just in one bedroom and the kitchen

•Turning your heating on in just your office space 10 minutes before you start working from home.

You will need a Jigsaw Hub when purchasing any other controls.

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