Wired Thermostat- 230V

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Wired Thermostat- 230V


• ZigBee protocol
• 230v power supply
• Programmable- daily, weekly or 5/2
• Dry contact or 230V contact outputs
• ITLC (Internal Temperature Load Compensation)
• 2 contacts for the presence sensor or external sensor /floor sensor
• Internal relay – Breaking capacity: 3 (1) A
• 5-year warranty
• Power supply 230V (CA) 50 Hz
• Wireless standard: 2.4 GHz ZigBee
• Humidity sensor
• Heating/cooling mode

Dimensions (mm) L-88 x W-88 x H-55

Control your infrared heating with an efficient ultra slim stylish design at only 10mm thick with simple, quick, and straightforward operation. It can be set up for all users. This flush-mounted, multi-functional thermostat has a clever humidity sensor that helps with accurate temperature adjustments. A unique feature of this thermostat is the possibility of WIRELESS control of Control either locally or from anywhere via Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Allowing you to create your own temperature and climate schedules, or you can choose desired control algorithms. With a sleek lock button via a pin only you can set the desired temperature. While setting temperature limits for each room or area. So, you have complete control. When choosing to control manually over the app there are easy-to-use temperature setting arrow buttons that display the desired temperature instantly through an LCD screen.

How it works

You will have one relay per Jigsaw infrared heater which reports back to the Hub wirelessly to be able to monitor your infrared heaters from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. The relay is designed to turn the infrared heaters on and off but doesn’t have any temperature monitoring. Therefore, you will need a thermostat for each room to be able to choose the desired temperature. One thermostat can control multiple infrared heaters (relays). Allowing you to select exactly when you want your heat turned on, as well as what the temperature should be at higher or lower temperatures. It will heat the rooms that you need when you need them. Allowing you to dictate when your home heating system comes on, wherever you like, using our zone control.

When the thermostat turns the infrared heating on it will stay on until it reaches the occupant’s desired temperature for the room or area of the property and then turn off. As the temperature in that room or area drops slightly the thermostat will tell the relay to turn the heating back on to maintain the desired temperature requested. Integrating Jigsaw’s infrared heating system that can heat a room up in under 10 minutes. Meaning the heating will get up to temperature much quicker than other heating systems so it won’t need to be on for as long. Almost halving the occupant’s energy bills.

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