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How much does it cost to heat a church?

Jigsaw infrared are Church heating specialists in designing heating solutions for heating churches effectively. Choosing infrared over other electrical systems like heat pumps is a much more efficient option for any church.

Lower running costs and no ongoing maintenance and service costs.

50%= cheaper than ASHP’s

Requiring heating of a large space with a large number of individuals means high power is required. Intern meaning high power bills.

With Jigsaw infrared we can lower these bills while reducing your carbon footprint. As church Heating Specialists. We can assist you in designing, planning and installing a heating system that is right for you.

How do we do that you may ask?

By combining our best-in-class infrared heaters with a selection of smart controls, Jigsaw can comfortably heat the Church focusing on occupied zones.

We can quote and tailor our selection of equipment to complement the Church and the community for years to come, enjoy both comfort, cost savings and a reduction in C02 emissions, for current and future generations.

Once we have an approved specification by you we can arrange an electrical survey by one of our installers.

Church Heating Specialist

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Here you’ll find all the ins and outs about why Infrared heating panels are the best option to save on the energy bills for your Church while keeping the congregation cosy and warm!
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Well Maintained Church

Well Maintained

Ensure that the churches are wind and watertight to help reduce heat loss. Maintain the roof and gutters which will prevent water from entering and warm air from escaping. Even though it is simple keep open windows shut and fix any broken window panels.

Reduce Waste

Reduce Waste

With our SMART control system, you will reduce the amount of electricity the church is using in a cost-effective manner. As you can control each individual room to go on and off when required. The infrared heaters will turn off after 5 minutes of someone leaving a room with the intelligent PIR integration.

Renewable Energy

Go Renewable

Switching to 100% renewable electricity will help cut your carbon footprint. Converting to infrared heating and hot water tank will reduce both your energy bills and hot water bills while being efficient by only heating the areas that are required.

No Gas or Oil

No Gas or Oil

Changing from gas/oil to electric will have a massive effect on improving the atmosphere. Switching to infrared heating will help decarbonise your church. If we compare it to convection heating it only heats the air, which is inefficient causing cold drafts. Whereas infrared heats objects directly saving up to 30% by using 100% of the electrical energy to heat.

Generate energy

Generate Onsite

Adding Solar to your heating and hot water will help you become ‘net zero’. Generating your electricity through Solar PV will allow you to generate your electricity onsite with clean energy and reduce the cost of electricity.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting

As an added extra once you have reduced your energy use. You can offset the small remaining amount through climate schemes to become net zero. This will help either remove CO2 from the atmosphere directly or prevent future missions from occurring. This could also be done by planting vegetation as a way of capturing carbon.

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