Welcome To Jigsaw

Why choose us?

Jigsaw are a family run business, dedicated to changing the way we heat our homes, hot water and where that power comes from.

There is an energy transition happening across the world due to the climate crisis. Fossil fuels are to be reduced and eventually banned as we aim for Net Zero over the coming years. Jigsaw is developing a combination of technologies that can achieve this now. Over a third of all the UK’s emissions come from heating our homes. We are working towards zero CO2, zero waste, high efficient homes.

Combining our heating, Genius controls, smart hot water and solar energy will change the way we power our homes but all begin to reduce our impact on the planet. As part of our commitment to this, we manufacture products that are the most efficient on the market, have long working lives and have ones that can also be recycled.

Living comfortably should not cost the environment. But, the economic and social factors should not define the planet we leave for our children. The journey that we are on to decarbonise our homes is becoming more defined and more cost-effective. We are passionate about connecting the dots for home builders, renovators, social housing and the commercial sector. We can reduce carbon footprints and energy costs. Circumnavigating the changes to legislation and new technologies can be difficult. Jigsaw was born out of improving our own homes’ energy needs by trailing new equipment and installation methods. Our journey quickly expanded into the business of fixing other people’s inefficient homes. We hope that you join us on the journey of reducing carbon emissions of buildings across the UK.

Better Heating for a Better World
Matthew & Glenn Billington
Managing Director and CEO Jigsaw Infrared

Where it all started…

Glenn, CEO of Jigsaw, after twelve years of living in Spain, decided to buy a luxury penthouse apartment in the Midlands. Like any new home, it needed a little decoration. The one thing that really didn’t fit in with the décor was the huge, ugly night storage heaters. These actually nearly put Glenn off from purchasing the property.

With no gas in the building, the choices are limited. Replace them with new storage heaters, install convection heaters or look for something else. This led to researching Infrared Heating and eventually buying some panel-based ones with controllers. The panels were installed and worked well. Really well actually.

Glenn and Matt remember that weekend as they sat in the kitchen looking at the heaters discussing the possibilities of streamlining the process by offering a complete service to measure, supply, install and add a better control system. Within a few weeks, they had formed an initial business outline, and discussed early investment. Over a very nice Sunday breakfast in a local pub, they came up with the name and designed the logo. The idea of Jigsaw came from a number of services that we were going to offer from the onset of the business. All of these are modular additions to any property. A development of these services is still in place today.

Jigsaw infrared old branding

Our Core Values

What we stand for

Before anything else values come first. As we continue to grow, we strive to ensure that we use these every day so we can better serve our customers, employees and the planet. As we build products that we believe in, knowing that there is real value to be gained from helping aim for NetZero and changing how you live. We want to share with you what is important to us, JIGSAW.


At Jigsaw we don’t hide anything from our customers. We make sure every product is made and specified for each customer’s needs and our specialists will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Keeping you up to date every step of the way.


Renewable innovative electric technology. We believe that every product that is sent to our customers should be to the greatest standards. We are passionate about every product, we complete our own Research and Development (R&D) to discover new ways to improve our existing products or create new products to benefit our customers against the forever-changing world. Innovation is what allows us to learn and be open-minded about the future of the planet.


Our priority is to guide every customer through the process of changing the way we live and how we use energy to benefit their carbon footprint and the planet. While we help guide the world away from fossil fuels and the energy crisis to a more eco-friendly efficient option we want to make each step towards a Net-Zero property as easy as possible.


Making your lives as simple as possible adds the greatest value to our day. Simplicity is all about removing everything that is unnecessary from specifying your products, to installation, supports, and aftercare. Choosing an all-electric home is a new way of living for most people. But it doesn’t need to be complicated. When you choose Jigsaw solutions we will make your transition to renewable energy as easy as possible. You will be able to control and optimise energy efficiency in your home with self-learning technology or from your phone.


As we get closer to the world’s net zero targets we are forever changing how our product range can help half global emissions faster. After all, it is the last time to avoid the effects of climate change. We encourage our team to identify opportunities for improvement and recommend changes that will benefit the environment and every customer’s needs. We want to be able to adapt to your requirements and supply you with everything you need to transition to an all-clean energy home.

World Impact

Each member of our team believes in every product we sell making an impact on the world and we want to share it with you. We work with other companies to help double down on renewables to meet net-zero goals and tackle energy poverty. With 50% of people predicted to be in fuel poverty by 2022-2023 Winter. We want to help you convert to  Jigsaw’s renewable solutions to help generate more energy while saving up to 70% on your energy bills. Making a difference to the global climate crisis by 2050 with energy-efficient products is the way forward. Focusing on the sustainability of the products is not all we do. Being a green company means commitment throughout the business to improve our carbon footprint. Our office and warehouse provide lots of opportunities for going green including owning electric vehicles, green plants, recycling, decreasing the mileage and lots more. Choosing a British manufacturer is greener, eco-friendlier, and more beneficial for our economy.