Smart Motion sensor

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Smart Motion sensor


This device will accurately measure the temperature in a room, plus it can sense when you use a room, to pre-heat that room to your preferred temperature when you are there and automatically save energy when you are not.

• 5-year warranty
• Detection range 8m
• Up to 3 years of sensor operation on one battery
• Detection angle: 80
• Battery power supply- 1x CR123A
• ZigBee protocol- Smart home compatible
• Power supply: 1 x 3V DC, CR123A
• Alexa compatible
• Modern design
• It supports the pet immunity function (up to 36 kg)

Dimensions (mm) L-60 x H-80 x D-43

The Jigsaw Motion Sensor lets you know when movement is detected in a certain area and can trigger different actions in response to that movement (or lack of movement).

Through the application, we can remotely monitor motion in the room and receive SMS/email notifications or through the app. With an intelligent OneTouch rule and devices that can switch ON/OFF any electrical device. E.g. switching on the infrared after detection of movement.

For the most accurate results, the Motion Sensor should be placed in a corner of the room with a view of each entry point. For accurate motion detection, there should be no obstacles in front of the product’s lens. The mounting height must be between 1.9 m and 2.3 m or shoulder height. With a higher mounting height, the detector will pick up a bigger area, including the detection of people who are in the vicinity, which is the goal of the detector in the first place. This will also prevent the motion from being set off by any pets or children who are walking lower to the ground. Hallways often make a good location for motion sensors, since any occupant will need to pass through these areas to get to any particular room inside the building.

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