Car Charging Solution

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Car Charging Solution

  • 3 year battery warranty
  • Tethered or untethered
  • Grid-tied microgeneration compatibility
  • monitor your energy usage anywhere via an app
  • Average charge time 7 hours 42 minutes with a standard charger/li>
  • Decreasing your dependency on the electricity grid
  • Chargeable without Solar
  • Intelligently control what you want and when you want it
  • eco and eco+ to adjust the charging current
  • Seamless and sleek design
  • Available in both single and 3-phase supply
  • Compatible with almost every EV

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Future-proof your home with an innovative car charging solution.

Operating as a standard home car charger, using power from the grid. You can schedule charging sessions and integrate your solar feed, charging with 100% solar power or a combination of grid and solar. It also has optional charging modes which use 100% green energy generated from your own home Solar PV system or wind generation.

Almost every EV is compatible which can alter its charging strength to be compatible with your EV, and can adjust depending on grid changes to save you money.
Alongside a device that monitors the power usage of your home and will reduce the charge to the EV if too much demand is drawn in the rest of the home.

There are three charging modes:

ECO: Power is adjusted to changes in power generation from your home; keeps your vehicle charging until full using renewable (solar, wind, micro-hydro) and grid energy. The minimum charge rate is 1.4kW.
ECO+: Pauses charging when too much grid power is being used, thus minimising consumption of power from the grid. If the surplus power goes below 1.4kW then the Zappi will pause
FAST: Charges your vehicle at the maximum charge rate (7kW) using renewable and grid energy or 100% grid – whatever it needs!

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Take control of your EV

Even when an EV is not charging the app can show energy consumption in the home. Boost times can also be programmed via the app for overnight charging. This is essential for anyone who has a cheap overnight electricity tariff.

There are three boost modes in ECO and ECO+:

  • Manual Boost: In ECO and ECO+ modes, Manual Boost charges at maximum power until the battery hits a charge percentage that you set. After which, it will revert to ECO or ECO+ mode and slow the speed.
  • Smart Boost: You set a target time for energy when most efficient for you. Alternating, apply slow and fast charge speeds to improve efficiency. This boost mode ensures you get the energy you need efficiently.
  • Scheduled: Scheduled boosts let you select four time periods when charging your car on FAST power.