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  • Create a needs based single room or whole house decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Quick installation in the outside wall with a core drill
  • Air supply and air extraction operation with heat recovery
  • Single operation or operation in pairs
  • Comprehensive control via smartphone or tablet with the comfort app
  • Display of temperature, air humidity and filter change.
  • Built in humidity stat and timer for bathrooms
  • Supplies up to 45m³/h of fresh air
  • 90% heat exchanger efficiency
  • A+ rating – Continuous operation costs as little as £2.50 per annum

Aerotube is known as a single room heat recovery unit. These supply fresh air and extract moist air continuously from rooms in the home, which is especially important in bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens. One of the disadvantages of conventional fans is that they extract heat from rooms. Aerotube overcomes this by having an integrated heat exchanger to capture the heat, this is then transferred to the incoming air supply which is pre-warmed to within 90% of the room temperature.

Using Aerotube not only ensures rooms are adequately ventilated, but also that a healthy indoor air quality is maintained.

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